As part of the accreditation process, UDS identified its School Performance goal as: By June 2011, there will be an improvement of 10% in communication among students, staff, administration and parents/guardians. To help meet this goal, the UDS-LIST was created.

The UDS-LIST is a school to home e-mail messaging service that delivers short, concise messages to subscribers in a convenient, timely manner. UDS-LIST messages contain a variety of information including meeting and school calendar reminders, safety alerts, notice of special events, and more.

To subscribe the the UDS-List, go to http://mailman.ednet.ns.ca/mailman/listinfo/uds-list.

When you have successfully subscribed to the list, you will receive a welcome message. If you do not receive this message within 24 hours of your subscription request, please notify the system administrator -

You may unsubscribe at any time by returning to http://mailman.ednet.ns.ca/mailman/listinfo/uds-list.